Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Futurequake 05 on Comixology

Continuing the program of releasing old comics on comixology, we are proud to announce that FutureQuake 05 is about to drop.

This issue was originally released back in the autumn of 2005, at the Brighton expo (The one Dezz Skinn ran and Brendan McCarthy did the promo art for) and FQP shared a table at that gig with Molch-R, who was himself in the SPress at the time with his 'End is nigh book'...

FQ05 also features work by Al Ewing, Mike Carroll, Eddie Robson, Arthur Wyatt and quite a few folks who used to be found around these parts...

The link to the comixology edition is: FutureQuake 05


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Newstime! Summer 2016.

Greetings out there!

Got some news and reviews to pass your way so I'll do a long rambling post that could well get updated lots before the next wave of comics are ready!

First off- Small Press Day was a blast. Myself and NanoBolt attended at both 'The Comic Shop' in Macclesfield and Nostalgia & Comics back in the wastes of Brum on the day.

Macc was a grand trip. It was great meet Dan, catch up with Chris and see a proper nice comic shop. We sold a few comics, talked some nonsense and left the shop with stock of both the Zarjaz summer special and the latest issue of FutureQuake. 

Since taking on the initial stock, Dan of TCS Macc, has been back in touch to have  more stock! They have had a whopping 10 copies overall. It seems that folk just shy of the Wall really do have better taste in comics than folks further south. Of course if anyone out there wants to dispute that, then let me know how many copies of FQ are stocked in shops in London...

Nostalgia & Comics is the closest thing FQP have to a 'home' shop so it was a treat to be able to sit and actually chat to the staff and other SP dayers there. We met up with Steve of TimeBomb Comics, who was selling copies of Flintlock, which has some lovely lettering if I do say so myself and got to have a nice long chat with long time collaborator Roland Bird, who provided NanoBolt with a sketch of the Legion of Superheroes 'Lightning Lass.' Roland was knocking it out of the park with his sketches that day.

We've had a couple of reviews out there so far:

PIPEDREAM COMICS have some nice things to say, as does COMIC TIME.

New on 27/07/2016 is the review from John Freeman of Down The Tubes. John is perhaps the person in comics whose opinion I respect most. So a positive review from him is a total pleasure. 

What else is going on? Well work has begun on the second volume of Neroy Sphinx, with the first new stories set to appear sometime next year. 

Of course if anything else turns up I'll do my best to mention it on here!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Small Press Day

Seeing as there are only two days to go till Small Press Day, think it worth reminding folks that this is a vital part of the UK comics scene these days and should be supported.

There are events all over the country- Visit to see the updated list of what is going on.

I'll be at the Comic shop in Macclesfield between 11 and 1 (or thereabouts depending on traffic) before heading back to the Brum wastes to join in with a massive list of creatives taking part at Nostalgia & Comics between 2-3.

I'll have the latest issues of FutureQuake and the Zarjaz summer special with me, as well as a few copies of the Neroy Sphinx trade. Drop by and say hi.

Friday, 1 July 2016

FutureQuake Summer 2016

Cover art by: Alex Paterson- Click to see a larger version.

NEW FORMAT! 96 pages, trade paperback. Featuring 20 strips by the finest talents in the Small Press. See the latest chapter in ‘Idea Space’ as Tyler Dann visits Birmingham’s ‘Nostalgia & Comics’ store. And that is just the opening story in the finest issue we have produced yet. All for £6.00

Bait And Switch by writer Fred Francis and artist Keiran Squires

Beyond The Machine by Boy Phaff 

Child Star by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Romeo Magat

Come Home by writer Lee Robson and artist Justin Woods

 Ghost Town by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Martina Marzullo

Hel comes to Baltitown by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson

Men In Green by writer River Apparicio and artist Marc Ducrow

Murder He Read by writer Matthew Collyer and artist Jack Davies

Point of Contact by writer Eddie Robson and artist Matt Sandbrook

 Post Mortem by writer Tim Perry and artist David Valente

Prison Conditions by writer Chris Tresson and artist Terrance Whitlow

Second Chances by writer Alec Charles and artist Boy Phaff

Sentience by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Chris Connelly

Sleeping Life Waiting by writer Derek Adnams and artist Chris Geary

Slight by writer David Tomas and artist Aidan Gilman

Super by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Daniel Bell

The Happiest Dan Alive by writer Russell Hillman and artist Scott Twells

The Healers by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Chrestani

These Things Happen by writer Dominic Teague and artist Roland Bird. 

Roland will be joining Team FQP as part of Small Press Day in July 2016 at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. More news closer to the event.

Unbound by writer Niall Kitson and artist Michael Adam Kindred

Only £6.00 From the link on the right!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Click to see larger version.


Running from March 1st till April 30th, you can win yourself your very own 'Strontium Dog' badge courtesy of those awesome folk over at Planet Replicas. We have gotten our hands on one badge, and all you need to do to have a chance of winning it is to simply buy Dogbreath or Zarjaz comics.

It really is that simple. Every sale between March 1st and April 30th will receive a raffle ticket for each comic they buy. Then, on May 1st either Dr Bob or Peeps the droid will make the draw and one lucky customer will win the badge.

The more you buy, the more raffle tickets you will get. Worried about buying from overseas? Don't be. If you win, and don't mind paying the postage, then there is no reason not to enter.

The badge is truly stunning and is exactly the same as the badges worn in the Search & Destroy fan film currently in production.

Visit the FQP Shop for the full range of Comics available, and good luck!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Competition- FUTURESHOCK- The Story of 2000 AD

FUTURESHOCK- The Story of 2000 AD

Review by Richmond Clements, used with kind permission of the FPI Blog.

2000 AD has been a part of comic’s history since the far of days of 1977. This documentary, now available on DVD and on streaming services, tells of the birth, near death and renaissance of the title.

It does a fantastic job of setting up the historical context of 2000 AD, with news footage from the time. Strikes, riots, recession and punk rock. Nothing at all like today, of course.

From this cauldron of anger and frustration 2000 AD emerged, steered by the indefatigable Pat Mills. As the founder of the feast, Mills gets the lion’s share of screen time here, and he makes the most of it. It’s well known that Mills has had some shaky relationships with publishers and editors in the past, and true to form, he doesn’t hold back here. That is not to say that this is film a soapbox for Mills. I’m not going to go into details about these feuds here. I shall only say that all sides get to make their point.

The film makers have managed to get interviews from an impressive amount of creators. The only noticeable absence being a certain bearded resident of Northampton, but I suspect he has said all he needs to say about the comic many times over. The Halo Jones baton is taken up by Neil Gaiman (who has written a total of 10 pages for the comic, so he just about scrapes in as a script droid!). He recounts how Moore told him the rest of the saga, and that it would have been great – but I think we knew that already!

A vast amount of material was recorded for this – in a recent 2000 AD podcast, director Paul Goodwin said his first cut came in at something like five hours! And oh how I would love to see that version. As it is, there are a great many superb and entertaining stories told.

I have just realised I have barely mentioned the interviewees. Put it this way: think of an artist or writer who has worked for the comic. They’re probably in there. Everyone from those involved right at the beginning, Mills, Wagner, Bolland, Gibbons, to the very newest crop of droids, such as Emma Beeby, get a word in. We also get comments from some super fans – screenwriter Alex Garland and Scott (Not) Ian from Anthrax are amongst those featured. And these interview pieces are intercut with some terrific animations of iconic 2000AD moments.

I cannot praise this film enough. It is an important and amazingly constructed piece of work. This is absolutely required viewing for any comic fan.

Thanks to the kind folks at METRODOME we have 3 copies of the DVD to give away as well as a signed ‘Quad’ poster measuring (according to the internet) 30 inches by 40 inches! just like the one pictured Above.

To be in with a chance at either the poster AND a DVD or one of the other two DVD’s simply buy comics from FQP.

For all sales between now and the end of January 2016 we’ll send you a raffle ticket. Each comic bought is a single raffle ticket so the more you buy the more likely you will be to win. Also, the winners will have the costs of their purchases refunded.

To also help with this, all FutureQuake & Something Wicked apart from the latest issues (FutureQuake #28 & Something Wicked #11) are going to be priced at £1.50 for the duration. Simply ge
t in touch with us here at FQP with an order (for the competition please do not use the shop) and we’ll even combine any postage too.

So, now is the time to fill the gaps in your collection, or even start a new one. All comics currently available are listed HERE.